Paying amateur athletes would ruin college sports

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The NCAA men’s basketball tournament always seems to spark the same excitement year in and year out. It also sparks the ever-growing debate of whether college athletes should be paid.

The NCAA is a growing business. Like all sports leagues, there is major revenue being pumped into it and people are making money — there’s no doubt about that.

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Here comes the problem: the ‘suits’ are the ones making the money off of college kids who don’t get a single dime. Is it fair? No. Is it right? It’s debatable.

The administrators at some of the biggest powerhouse universities are the ones reaping the benefits. It’s like having a slot machine that won’t stop paying out. This is where the problem starts and should end.

The larger universities with great athletics (Ohio State, Michigan, Florida, etc.) get a lot more exposure than a school like Florida Gulf Coast University. As a result, these universities get paid a lot more to have their games broadcasted and such.

So why can’t we just split the money for a fair share amongst all NCAA schools to pay their student athletes? Ha. Ha.

Revenue sharing always seems to be the reason for labor strikes when its proposed in other sports leagues. It creates a level playing field, but it really isn’t fair for some teams to keep other teams afloat. That’s just reality.

Why should a school like The Ohio State University, which gets a ton of TV broadcast time, help out a small school that sees no national air time? It would only hurt them if they split their share.

Thanks to the NCAA and greed, many schools and athletes have lost touch with the main reason they go to college — TO LEARN. Do these athletes even attend class? It wouldn’t matter anyways because no teacher would dare fail the star basketball player. It’s not the teacher’s fault. It’s the pressure applied by the administrators.

College athletes often get scholarships. That’s a form of payment. If an athlete wants to be paid then he/she should go to a school that will give a scholarship even if it isn’t a big-name university.

The moment athletes get paid will send waves down to the core of corruption. There will be a push for these kids to have agents. Then another push for these kids to form a “player’s union” which will have the right to strike until they receive even more pay. Then the basketball players will bicker with the swim team because they think they deserve more money and so on. It’s an embarrassing snowball effect to say the least.

The sheer thought makes me choke a little.

I understand, in some cases, that athletes HAVE TO go to college if they want to reach the pro level. But there are students who attend every class and work their tails off just as hard so they can reach the pro level in their field of study, too.

I had to go to college if I wanted to become a journalist. Why not pay me, too? Why not pay the girl who is studying to become a doctor or the guy who is studying to become a chemist?

Students go to college to begin to reach the professional level of their field of study just like a college basketball player tries to reach the NBA.

So now we should pay college athletes for being physically-gifted rather than being intelligently-centered? It’s unfair that these kids who play sports are exposed, but they signed up for it. There shouldn’t be any complaining because they knew they wouldn’t be paid.

How about the NCAA spreads the money out so these schools can build better classrooms to learn in rather than fancy arenas so they can serve sushi? How about the NCAA donates more to build new computer and science labs at all schools so we can begin to rival other countries and their advancements in society?

The NCAA does do some great things, but it’s their own fault that this debate comes up every year. If they would spread the money out to where it matters most (the schools) rather than pay the overpaid then we could maybe begin to think about giving these student athletes an allowance.

I understand most of these athletes can’t get jobs because of their training and game schedule, but this doesn’t only affect them. There are many students who have to work two-plus jobs just to make it through school because they didn’t get a scholarship.

It’s an unfair world. It’s time to accept it.

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